Prices are per kick scooter.

The scooter(s) can be rented for blocks of time. Rental costs are calculated for the full rental time. Rental costs can be paid with debit/credit card or cash. 

We’ll give you a bottle of water to go for your trip.

  • First hour 8,50
  • Each following hour or part thereof + 2,50
  • Full-day rental 21,50
  • Extra day rental + 7,50
  • Weekly rental 42,50
  • Monthy rental 65,-

We offer a variety of to go lunch packages for you trip. Please click the below button to get to the correct page.

Harbor Gouda
Stepverhuur Gouda


We will be opening on April 1, 2021. As of this day you can reserve a touring kick scooter.

Click on the below button to reserve your scooter(s). After we receive your reservation, we will contact you within 24 hours. If you want a same-day reservation, please call us instead. Our reservation number is:  06-51131036. We will let you know if there are still scooter(s) available.

Please provide the following information with your reservation:

  • Date of reservation, start time, and for how many hours you would like to rent the scooter(s)
  • Which arrangements you would like
  • Your phone number