Stepverhuur Gouda

Traffic rules

According to the law kick scooter riders are considered pedestrians. You can use the scooter everywhere pedestrians are allowed. You can also ride your scooter on bicycle paths/lanes. 


We recommend sturdy/closed shoes and comfortable clothes.

Starting off 

It is important to relax your grip while holding the steering bars and to not strain your leg on the board. Swing your slightly bent and relaxed knee and push to start off. If you want to increase your speed, make faster and shorter kicking movements.

Changing your kicking leg

It is important to change your kicking leg every 10 to 12 kicks, to avoid muscle injuries.

Change by turning your front foot away from the board to create space for your other foot. Once your front foot is back on the board, you can use the heel of your other foot to push off the ground.

Physical fitness

Average physical fitness is needed to ride the kick scooter. You can determine your own speed while riding the scooter. 

Who shouldn’t ride a kick scooter?

  • Women with hip stability issues
  • (late-term) pregant women
  • If you’re heavier than 150 kilos
  • Persons with serious arthiritis
  • Persons with knee problems
  • People with serious hernia problems

Of course, you are the only one who can decide what your abilities and limits are.

To carry:

- a backpack is useful while riding your scooter to carry your personal belongings


The team at Stepverhuur Gouda wishes you a fun-filled scooter day!